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College Planning for High Net Worth Families (Pt 1)

Total Wealth Planning

College planning is a complex process. It can be challenging, time-consuming, and extremely expensive. Understanding all of the strategies and determining which ones apply to your family’s situation can be quite confusing. With costs skyrocketing year after year, your college funding problem will most likely have an impact on your retirement planning goals because the two are closely intertwined. The planning required for college and retirement is extensive and must be approached proactively with a long-term perspective using a multitude of financial management strategies.

In our Total Wealth Planning program for college planning, there are five key components:

College planning is about integrating each one of these areas into a comprehensive coordinated plan.

At Total Wealth Planning, as part of our comprehensive approach to financial planning, we work with families to determine the best strategies to pay for college by taking into consideration the family’s resources and options. Some strategies will reduce the overall cost more than others, and some strategies may involve nothing more than how a family should use their resources to pay for education. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the stress and anxiety of funding education for students and parents to have a successful college experience.

For more information about the Total Wealth Planning approach to college planning visit us at or contact Rob Lemmons at 513-984-6696.

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