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Financial Planning for Families

We are a tight-knit family who cares deeply about yours.

We understand the critical importance of family and getting things right. Working together, we always bring attention back to your family. We start by getting to know your family structure and dynamics, so everyone has a voice. We conduct a deep discovery on your goals, as well as the objectives for your children, grandchildren and dependents. We help guide you through life events, setting milestones, and letting you know where you stand. You gain the ability to ask questions and focus the direction on where you need to go.

Family Planning

When your professional life takes off and you are balancing family care and finances, you need stability and sound advice. Growing families don’t always have the time or attention it takes to properly oversee finances and investments. We cater to all parties in your household and bring transparency with customized family-centric solutions. We stay disciplined to what is always best for you and your family’s goals.

  • Guiding you through life circumstances that can have an impact on you, your lifestyle, or future retirement needs.
  • Anticipating expenses you could expect and setting a savings plan for things like 529s, lifestyle adjustments, insurance planning, etc.
  • Getting kids through college and making good decisions along the way.
  • Structuring your estate to protect you and your loved ones.
  • Having open conversations with key parties in your family.
  • Determining if you want to be philanthropic through trust, estate, or legacy planning.

Multi-Generational Family Planning

Families have lineage. The financial and life decisions you make today can have an impact on future generations and your long-term stability. Working with mature families, we help you manage personal and family finances, while putting a date to retirement and other important goals. We help you act as a sounding board and counselor for other family members who have money questions, helping them stay on track. We provide a low-key approach for children and grandchildren to get to know us to help guide their personal decision making.

We help you preserve your wealth and legacy beyond financial planning. We do so through life planning. We work with the key advisors in your life, so you don’t always have to be the intermediary.

Family-Owned Business

We empathetically know your business journey. Total Wealth Planning has traveled the same family business road and can provide you knowledgeable, first-hand expert guidance. When business owners get “too busy” or don’t know where to start, they can put off doing what’s best for themselves, their family, and their loyal employees. It’s been our experience—and our professional opinion—that it all starts with a deep discovery of your objectives and a comprehensive financial planning process to get things done.

At Total Wealth Planning we help our clients every day answer these important and at times stressful questions. Who’s helping you?

Financial planning is complex and requires the guidance of a trusted and experienced advisor, such as a fee-only Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), who plans comprehensively, and with a complete understanding of your particular concerns and goals in life.

For more information about the financial planning strategies we utilize, please visit us at or contact directly Rob Lemmons, CPA, CFP® at 513-984-6696.

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