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Flexible Portfolio

The Benefits of The Flexible Portfolio

The Total Wealth Planning Flexible Portfolio is designed primarily for those clients whose household investable assets are less than $250,000 and otherwise do not need to engage us for face to face meetings or sophisticated financial planning advice. This service leverages the efficiencies of Schwab’s Institutional Intelligent Portfolio platform to easily establish accounts with Charles Schwab, while allowing Total Wealth Planning to manage the assets on your behalf.  You will also have access to talk with our team should you have questions that Schwab is unable to answer.

Your Total Wealth Planning advisor is available by phone or e-mail to answer your investment & portfolio questions.  In addition, you will receive periodic investment & economic updates from our firm.  

Further, Charles Schwab’s Representatives offers around-the-clock client assistance for account service and technical support questions. If you have a servicing question (how to make a deposit or withdrawal) or technical support question (website issues) please do not hesitate to contact a Schwab representative directly at 877-805-3399 as they are available 24/7.