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“Getting Retirement Right” Will Air Tomorrow on WSTR (Ch 64) (Saturday, April 24)

Rob Lemmons and Dave Wilder, Getting Retirement Right, to be aired on Channel 12 and Channel 64!

2nd Airing: Total Wealth Planning’s 30-minute show titled Getting Retirement Right! will air again in Cincinnati on Channel 64, WSTR-TV at 3:30 PM ET on Saturday, April 24th!

The baby boom generation, born between 1946 and 1964, will be retiring in record numbers over the coming decade. Many who were born between 1965 and 1980, known as Generation X, are finding themselves in a situation where they too have saved so well that they can retire in the next few years. The common goal for all of these folks is that they want to make sure that they are Getting Retirement Right!  

To be in a position to retire in the first place, savings habits need to be successfully implemented over a period of many years. These include maintaining a standard of living where one can save at least 10-20% of pre-tax annual income, paying off credit card debt, minimizing income tax liabilities, amongst other time-tested strategies. The question for retirees will now be “What’s next?”. To answer this and other financial questions, and to help ensure both pre- and post-retirees hit their retirement mark, please tune into Getting Retirement Right! to be aired on Saturday, April 24th at 3:30 ET on Channel 64 (WSTR).

We are always honored when a client introduces us to friends, family and colleagues — please feel free to forward this show announcement to others who you feel may benefit!

Additional airtime will be on WKRC (Channel 12) on May 1st at 1:00 PM.

Note: Channel 12 and Channel 64 have made errors on the TV Guide, sometimes showing a different show title. Also, given that the FC Cincinnati soccer game is preceding the show, it is possible there is a slight delay as to the actual start time.

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