Looking Beyond Average Investment Returns

Many investors strive to achieve the highest rate of return possible for their portfolio. It seems that this is the best way of accumulating more for their goals, such as saving for college or retirement. An investor who achieves a higher rate of return over time will always have a higher portfolio value compared to an investor with a lower return. Right? Not really!

The reality is that rate of return is only one tool for measuring success. It is also the easiest way to measure how one portfolio may be performing compared to another. However, another important factor is managing the risk associated with a given set of investments. In the above illustration, you will find that a portfolio with a lower rate of return actually results in a higher portfolio value after ten years compared to the portfolio with a higher rate of return.

At Total Wealth Planning, we structure portfolios so that they “win by not losing”. Your portfolio can be structured with a significant allocation to equities, an asset class proven to provide superior investment returns over time. However, by introducing 15-20 different asset classes, we can also minimize the amount of volatility. The end result is that you may be able to achieve your goals much sooner than you may have anticipated!

If you would like to learn more about our Nobel-Prize winning investment approach, please contact us at info@twpteam.com or call us at our office at (513) 984-6696.

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