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Multi Generational Wealth

High Net Worth - Keep it “All in the Family”

Does your family’s estate plan guard against misuse, broken relationships, loss of wealth and family values?

Do family members clearly understand how you want them to use your wealth to build healthy relationships?

Are your business associates and family member aligned about who should receive ownership, management, and control rights of your accumulated wealth?

If those questions keep you awake at night, or are already causing rifts, you should schedule an appointment with a trained wealth advisor. TWP can help your heirs inherit your relational values before they inherit the value of what you own.

Additionally, high net worth and affluent families may not stress about monthly budget or bills. But many don’t focus on their long-term financial commitments, such as funding a college education or saving for retirement. Unfortunately, failing to evaluate, plan, and save – according to their future cash flow requirements – can create future cash flow problems.

Because the TWP family cares about each other and our clients, we understand how to address your family needs.