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You Get Second Opinions on Everything. So Why Not Consider a Second Opinion on Your Financial Advice?

Medical diagnoses, car issues, home repairs, vacation destinations – no matter the decision, you always seek out informed opinions. So why haven’t you sought a second opinion on something as important as your financial plan?

At Total Wealth Planning, we believe that the best decisions are informed decisions. We want our clients to be confident in any action they take or recommendation they accept. We strongly believe in second opinions because they tend to lead to better decisions and better outcomes.

If you haven’t had a second opinion on your financial plan, perhaps now is the time to do so. Our second opinion service offers you a no judgement, no pressure, and no cost review of all areas of your financial life.

Since 1989, we have offered clients a unique wealth management experience that includes:

Wealth management, not investment management. There is a distinction between the two. Investment management focuses only on investment outcomes. Wealth management focuses on your entire financial picture, including investments. We believe the only way to help you reach your goals is to help with every piece of the puzzle.
Independent, fee-only advice. We are 100% fee only, meaning we aren’t beholden to any product, institution, investment manager, or other party. We answer to our clients, and only our clients.

A true fiduciary partnership. We proudly abide by fiduciary standards, the most rigid in the industry. That means we have a legal obligation to act in your best interest, not ours.

Personalized and complete solution. We know there are no cookie-cutter solutions and strategies because there are no cookie-cutter goals and challenges. We tailor our thinking and our solutions to your unique objectives and concerns.
If you get a second opinion on your car, doesn’t it make sense to get a second opinion on your financial future?

Contact us to schedule a time to meet and what information we’ll require to provide you an objective and complete second opinion on the financial advice you’re receiving.