5 Reasons to Choose Total Wealth Planning

Below are 5 financial reasons to “Think Total Wealth Planning” when thinking about Wealth Management.


Total Wealth Planning Is Different from Other Financial Advisors and Wealth Management Firms

First and foremost, we are independent and fee-only – honoring our fiduciary responsibility and serving clients’ best interests since 1989. We listen and understand individual concerns, goals and objectives. Addressing each wealth management issue – in the best, most cost-effective ways – delivers personalized, exceptional service.


A Fiduciary Standard Defines the Financial Advisory Relationship

A fiduciary standard differentiates how most “financial advisors” work with their clients. Over 90 percent of them are paid (fully or partially) by commissions. They promote self-serving products and services to maximize their income. Additionally, advisors who work for large financial services firms are loyal to their employer, not their client.


A Fee-Based and a Fee-Only Financial Advisor Are Significantly Different

A fee-only financial advisor, Total Wealth Planning does not receive any compensation from a brokerage firm, mutual fund or insurance company, or any source except—solely and directly – our clients. We represent only you and your interests. Thinking about where someone’s paycheck comes from helps to understand where their true loyalty lies.


Wealth Management and Investment Management Aren't the Same

A wealth management firm, Total Wealth Planning integrates clients’ financial planning goals, objectives, and strategies with a diversified investment portfolio strategy best suited to achieve them. In contrast, an investment management firm only manages money – unaware of and detached from clients’ financial planning circumstances and concerns.


Total Wealth Planning Serves Specialty Service Niches

As independent business owners, working with business owner clients for over 25 years, Total Wealth Planning knows first-hand about those concerns, risks, and rewards. We relate and advise – as peers – guiding business owners to increase the value of their company, eventually monetize and diversify their internal equity value.

These are just 5 Financial Facts to help you better understand the basics of financial management. If you’d like more facts, please contact us.