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About Total Wealth Planning


For over 30 years, Total Wealth Planning has served as a sounding board for personal and business decision making. What makes us distinct is we care about connecting with you and want to be more than just a financial planner. We cater to all aspects of your family and take on the factors pertaining to your finances, investment objectives, retirement goals, business interests and other important intentions. As a Fee-Only planning firm, we provide advice that is unbiased and focused on your best interest at all times, without product sales or commissions. The real benefit is having someone tell you the truth about where you are financially and arranging more than just the money aspects of your financial life.

Our Belief in You

We have faith in what you can accomplish. What this means is we challenge you in a way that makes you think differently about your life. You gain the ability to have a real conversation and be yourself while asking questions. Unlike other firms, we are willing to be crystal clear about where you are financially without fear of losing an account. To us, clients are not an account. 

Our Core Values

We believe the value you have goes far beyond the value of your money. It’s all the parts of your life that could affect you, your family and/or your business. The values you have become of value to us.


Promoting teamwork and community among employees to better achieve client and firm goals.


Leading by example, taking initiative to enhance our team’s capabilities, and leading clients towards achieving their goals.


Pursuing creative solutions and new ideas to continuously improve services, outcomes, and the client experience.


Committing to the highest standards in every aspect of the business, namely with client service and outcomes.


Supporting personal and professional growth for employees in a positive and empowering work environment.


Fostering trust and accountability with open and honest communication amongst employees and clients.

We Are Total Wealth Planning

As stated in our registration with the SEC, our team of 18 professionals serve 714 client households with approximately $1.05 billion of assets under management as of 12/31/2023.  Would you like to learn more about us? Meet our Total Wealth Planning family and read about our history.

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