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Small Business Owners

There are four stages of business ownership we like to call “Wunder, Blunder, Thunder, Plunder.” Research shows that most business owners fail to successfully transition through all four stages and beyond. We believe it’s because they fail to plan sooner than later. One of the greatest secrets of successful “Quiet Millionaire” business owners is operating inside their strength zone and outside their comfort zone. We expand your comfort zone, so you can maximize the value of your efforts.

We help you understand the timelines of key events, balance your personal and business finances, and have an exit strategy when ready.

Are You a Family Business Owner? Are You a Family Member in a Family Business?

Is your family business a growing success? Is it poised for transitioning management and ownership to either insiders or outsiders? We empathetically know your business journey. Total Wealth Planning has traveled the same road and can provide you knowledgeable, first-hand expert guidance. When business owners are either “too busy” or don’t know where to start, they can put off doing what’s best for themselves, their family and their loyal employees. It’s been our experience – and our professional opinion – that it all starts with a comprehensive financial planning process. You also need to know the value and sellability of your business.

We Employ a Comprehensive 3-Step Process:

We want you to be able to focus on other things in your life, knowing your financial matters are taken care of.

Learn how to reduce anxiety by using our “Business Sellability” scoring system.

The Real Benefit to You

The time you spend managing competing priorities, including personal and business finances, can create a burden or looming pressure. It’s important to have someone to trust. Our senior advisors are, themselves, experienced family business owners. We not only understand your unique challenges, we speak your language and have traveled the same road. We serve as a confidant and sounding board. The real benefit to you is knowing informed decisions are being made with an expert team that does all the key work. We take on all aspects for what is needed for retirement, business ownership transitions and other personal and family objectives. We are able to tell you the truth about where you are financially and help you plan accordingly.