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Total Wealth Planning is pleased to announce that Schwab has reduced the trading costs on ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) to $0.


Total Wealth Planning provides holistic and comprehensive wealth planning services that are delivered by our experienced and credentialed advisors. This “total” approach allows our clients to focus on the many other important areas of their lives. As part of our wealth management services, we construct highly-diversified and low internal cost portfolios under the guidance of our Chief Investment Officer, David Wilder, and the seven member Investment Committee. Dave and his team monitor client portfolios daily, and rebalance as needed to maintain the asset allocation appropriate for each client’s individual circumstances. This reduction in trading costs was the vision of Chuck Schwab, long ago, to level the playing field and provide investing opportunities to all individuals, regardless of their net worth or income. For our clients, the reduction is a welcomed ability for us to reduce trading expenses and allows us to deliver services to you in an even more cost-effective manner. We’ll continue to support the peace of mind of our clients by collaborating with our partners such as Schwab and others to put client interests first.

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